Written and Directed by Nicholas Lam

Executive Producer: Jesse Felsot
Producer: Joan Pla
Cinematograhper: Tristan Nyby
Production Designer: Chris Carpenter


You’ve heard (presumably) of COIN and PLASTC, but now there’s a newer, faster player in the game, QUADRUS — backed by the same incubator that launched AirBnB. And this here’s their new commercial that I produced. Directed by one of the most talented directors we had the pleasure to work with, Nicholas Lam. Thank you to Jesse Felsot for pulling it together, Tristan Nyby for the gorgeous visuals, Chris Carpenter for designing sets that the whole crew wanted to live in, Shaina Feldman for styling Dan Hoban and Nadja Husseinso beautifully, and the rest of the crew for their tireless and amazing work: Bianca Appice Laila Petrone Peynado Jesse Curl Michelle Diaz Will Gormley John Torres Andreas Gutierrez Mey Chan Nick Sternberg Jake Ban Lauren Poole Ryan Walker Natalie Burnley Emanuele Luffi and Ryan Meyer and Grant Linden for hooking it up with G&E.