Josema Roig

Josema Roig is a Los Angeles based writer/directorfrom Valencia, Spain. Pioneer in Film and interactive storytelling. His last traditional short, is his AFl thesis film (STARMAN, 2015) which won 8 Best Short awards world wide in Memphis, Rome, Palma, among others, it also Best Director at Blackbird and FIDEC, and played in over 40 Film Festivals around the globe. It was as selected for the prestigious AFI Showcase 2015, where it was named to the Top Three. Josema‘s directorial debut (ANITA, 2011) played at some of the most important festivals in Europe (Malaga, Alcine, Zinebi, Medina, ExGround), and won Josema the Best Director award in Zaragoza 2012.

In his former career as a cinematographer, Josema honed his craft shooting music videos and over twenty short films. He moved on to features with THE GOLDEN GAG (Mariajo Ruiz, 2010) for which he won the Golden Aphrodite Award for Best Cinematography at the Cyprus Film Festival. His last feature was the multiple award winning Spanish indie, ENXANETA (Alfonso Amador, 2011). As part of his  unique professional itinerary he worked as Performance Capture and Voice Over coordinator in Triple A games like Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, experience which adds to his deep crossover knowledge of traditional film and the interactive medium.

Josema’s work is known for its strong visual style, thick and tense atmospheres, raw naturalistic performances and a rebellious attitude towards filmic conventions.

Currently he’s developing his first Cinematic VR Experience: The ARGOS File. The teaser won the 2016 Proto Award for Best Live Action Experience. 

Josema is also working with Joan Pla and Nelly Castillo on the VR series Sacred Journeys, created by Joan Pla and currently in development.